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Why Pores Get Bigger As We Age (And How To Fix It)

As people age, change happens on the inside and the outside. Maturing affects everything from skin pigment to texture, so it’s mainly the world around your pores—the surrounding skin—that changes. Here’s a quick guide to understanding why large pores appear as you age, and solutions for keeping them manageable.

What Causes Large Pores

It’s important to note that whatever your age, genetics largely determines your pore size. After genetics, pore appearance is most affected by hygiene; neglecting your skincare routine causes oil, dead skin cells and dirt to clog the pores, stretching them out and making them appear larger. The body’s output of pore-clogging oil, known as sebum, varies greatly depending on gender (men are more susceptible) and hormonal factors, including menstruation. The more sebum your body produces, of course, the larger your pores appear.